The Empirium Trilogy

Book - 2018
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JCLChrisK Jan 28, 2019

A lengthy, sometimes dense epic fantasy composed of short, gripping chapters that make it hard to put down. Two engaging, complex leads and an intriguing world. Both entertaining and memorable.

A_Jeffery Jan 08, 2019

Legrand has created a very intriguing world with strong characters, a little bit of romance, and a big mystery!

daniellevk_0 Oct 20, 2018

This is a great first book of a series. It has magic, action, hope, and courage in it. The book goes back and forth each chapter between two teenage girls years apart but are very similar to each other. They both want to be good people and they both have elemental powers . There is a prophecy where there would be one queen who would bring destruction to everything and the other to bring light or peace. One girl has bad influences to try and control her and she has to prove to the court and king that she is the good one. The other girl has more help in her journey. I enjoyed reading this book and liked going back and forth between both girls to figure out what is going on and what is going to happen. This book had a great ending for the first book where the author will be to open it up for the second book of the series.

alburke47 Sep 27, 2018

I liked this. I don't usually go for YA (being neither young nor adult), but this sounded like a good one. I was right.

The plot revolves around two women, living a millennium apart.

The first is Rielle, lovelorn and bearing a dark secret, one that could cost her life. When an assassination attempt on her beloved prince Audric forces her to use her hidden powers to save him, her life starts to spiral out of control. All this before she falls foul of angels.

The other is Eliana, a cold-blooded killer who will do anything to protect her family, even work for the empire that has created a world of misery for its citizens. Eliana has her own secret, an ability to heal rapidly that she tries to keep under wraps. When she draws the attention of the Red Crown, a resistance movement aimed at bringing down said empire, her life (surprise, surprise) also takes a worrying turn.

The leads are great, particularly Eliana who only cares for those close to her and is willing to sell out anyone else. The rest of the "cast" are pretty good, all showing strengths and weaknesses, and the dialogue lacks the annoying earnestness that can appear in other YA books. The romance is understated and isn't central to the plot, but what little there is seems real. The exception was the dodgy sex scene that made me chuckle more than blush, and went on for way too long.

The dual character arcs were easy to follow once one got into the plot, and they were relevant to each other, while not necessarily mirroring. The MCs were also very different, with regal Rielle living among royals, while Eliana consorted with criminals. The ending seemed a little rushed, and while there is plenty of plot wrinkles to iron out in future books, I'm not certain the author can match the first book.

We shall see.

PimaLib_ChristineR Sep 08, 2018

4.5 ⭐ Let's get the very minor bad out of the way: this was a tough book to get into. We have a prologuey sort of thing that basically tells you what's going to happen by the end of the book. Then there's the split timeline to deal with. Despite all that, the detail and intricacy of this plot is mindblowing. I was really expecting another Assassin/Badass/Queen combo but this book has, in my reading at least, a completely unique storyline, which in the world of YA fantasy right now, is refreshing. And sexy bits that don't make you want to cringe! Assassins that kill people they're hired too, even when it's the good guys! So, basically a fully-formed world with fully-formed, understandable characters.

Aug 28, 2018

I'm sort of torn, at first I didn't love it and I didn't like each chapter flipping between the two characters. It felt like there were two complete plots being wedged into one book. Near the end though they both really picked up and I couldn't put the book down, and I was frequently surprised by some of the characters.

Aug 24, 2018


kirstd31 Aug 23, 2018

I enjoyed the book. I will read the next one, but the story did remind me of other fantasy books that I have read.

Aug 01, 2018

I loved this story. The world is rich and complex, and this book only scratched the surface of an intricate mythology hinted at. The characters are multi-dimensional and believable. The two leads are badass yet jarringly imperfect, which is much more interesting than a stereotypical young-adult female lead. I love the way the book is formatted, with the two leads from different times splitting focus. It is so much fun to try to piece together how the events Rielle's time affect and are remembered in Eliana's. While the book does rely on many common young-adult fiction tropes, it is still enjoyable and has its own share of surprises. Fans of The Hunger Games and Song of Ice and Fire series will love this book. I can't wait for the next one to come out.

OPL_KrisC Jul 19, 2018

Lots of magic and intrigue as well as a gorgeous cover are sure to draw readers into this story.

Jun 30, 2018

Though I am not normally into fantasy I found myself immersed in a brilliantly written action packed world where the heroines were daunting and empowering. I loved this book and would definitely recommend it!!

Jun 08, 2018

Not appropriate for young people. This should not have been classified as YA. Both heroines kill without remorse. One heroine is an assassin with multiple lovers of both sexes, prostitution, children in brothels, violence, and sex. I don't want my teens reading the series.

May 23, 2018

I'll give it to the author, this book had so much potential! The premise was really intriguing, something I've never really seen before in YA, but when the book played out it really fell flat for me. I lost interest about 60% in. Legrand tries so hard to make a complex and compelling plot, with characters that should fit right in, but they ended up feeling stale, recycled and two-dimensional. Even though this is only the first book in the trilogy, I had so many questions that seemed crucial to the plot that the author left completely unanswered, such as how any of the elemental magic works, or about the motives of the Angels. Overall it was really confusing, it felt very rushed, and there weren't that many memorable characters, as most of them fell into stereotypical typecasts of YA. Here's hoping Legrand will redeem herself in the next book.

May 08, 2018

For me this one did not live up to the hype. I found myself wanting this one to be over rather than savoring the story. The parallel narratives were too disjointed for me to see the characters connecting even when we find out the true link between them. Plus the backstory is out there lurking, unexplained. Most especially -- the Angels. Are they all bad? Are some good? How much time has elapsed from the prologue to Eliana's story? In the end, I am fine to leave this as a standalone and invest my time in other books/series in the future.

May 03, 2018

The title of the book is Furyborn, but the title in the online list is Furborn.

OPL_AmyW Apr 13, 2018

A promising debut for a new, YA fantasy trilogy with fast-pacing, appealing characters, and an intriguing (if not fully explained) source of magic. Fantasy readers will quickly see the connection between the two main characters, and the rapid jumps between those two women with each chapter may be jarring at first. However, readers will soon settle in to enjoy the parallel stories.

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