Julián Is A Mermaid

Julián Is A Mermaid

Book - 2018
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IndyPL_SarahL Jun 19, 2020

I was blown away by the beautiful illustrations in this book! The text is limited, but the message is absolutely lovely. Little Julian has a lovely imagination and it is wonderful how is abuela nurtures it. i recommend this for all ages simply because it will make you feel good no matter who you are.

Dec 20, 2019

It’s a beautiful story of the importance of been seen, affirmed, and loved just as we are.

forbesrachel Nov 22, 2019

When young Julián sees some women dressed as mermaids, he knows in his heart that he is a mermaid too. His imagination soars and at home he decides to dress himself. Using makeup and materials found at his Abuela's, he creates his own version. When she sees him, Abuela just accepts this and takes her grandson to the festivity where all the mermaids go. While text is limited, each pastel hued illustration speaks volumes about these characters. For readers, the near silence actually enhances the emotional connection as this family goes about a normal day with some special activities appended. Afterall Julián looks beautiful as a mermaid and is happy as one, and, they both have a wonderful time together. From pool to an above water party, it is a heartwarming display, and the endpapers are lovely additions to this. This adorable tale shines with its message of being oneself and accepting others for who they are.

CMLibrary_dgaines Jul 13, 2019

Loved, loved, loved the illustrations!

IndyPL_LindsayH Feb 06, 2019

This book is a an accurate and beautiful depiction of the African-American female form. I love the way the author portrays the grandmother and her friends in their colorful attire. in addition, her use of brown as the background color is soft on the eye and makes the bright colors of the characters pop.

Julian is a Mermaid is also a great LGBTQ choice for little ones. Julian wants to dress up as a female mermaid and instead of forbidding i,t as some might do, his grandmother lets him embrace it.

OPL_MichelleC Jan 16, 2019

Beautifully illustrated story of a child expressing themself and being accepted by his family.

KyCCL Nov 11, 2018

With lovely illustrations that follow Julian between his imagination and the real world, this is a beautiful story about being yourself, and letting those around you be themselves also.

SnoIsleLib_LindseyA Nov 06, 2018

Julián is fabulous! What a positive message of imagination, individuality, and acceptance this picture book brings to light. At first I was worried that Julián's abuela would crush his desire to dress as a mermaid, as she is very much a no-nonsense grandmother, but I felt ALL the warm snugglies by the end. Abuela brings Julián to a seaside festival with a diverse collection of mermaids, including some drag queens, and you get the sense that he has found his tribe.

The illustrations in this book are stunning, and the character designs are so unique. I could stare at Abuela all day!

MomoT Oct 31, 2018

A short and simple story of a boy who loves mermaids, and the quiet acceptance of his grandmother. With stunning artwork this is a very sweet story that my 4 year old and I have enjoyed reading.

strangegazelle Oct 04, 2018

Echoing what everyone else here has already said, the illustrations are superb - taking advantage of a soft, sort-of-muted color palette. It's a sweet look at identity and self expression as well.

JCLBeckyC Sep 25, 2018

Luscious illustrations help tell the magical story of a boy who discovers something special about himself with the help of his beautiful abuela and some mesmerizing mermaids. Author Jessica Love's body positive picture book is a lesson in love of all shapes and sizes.

Aug 06, 2018

Beautiful book! <3

LPL_MeredithW Aug 05, 2018

A sweet, beautifully illustrated story of family acceptance and joy.

Jul 27, 2018

Julian is a beautiful mermaid, and this is a beautiful book.

ArapahoeWinnie Jul 26, 2018

LOVED this book! Beautiful illustrations, few words and lots of opportunities to imagine. Very fun.

ArapahoeMary Jul 16, 2018

In spare text and absolutely gorgeous illustrations, Julián fulfills his dream of being a mermaid.

ArapahoeSteffen Jul 12, 2018

The best of it's kind.
This book should be read to any and every child with an imagination by any adult with one.

ArapahoeBridget Jul 07, 2018

The art in this book is amazing, and the story is beautifully sweet. A warm, swirly, mermaid filled summer read!

ArapahoeLesley Jul 06, 2018

Lovely picture book. Beautiful drawings, minimal words, filled with imagination.

LoganLib_Kirra Jul 03, 2018

A beautifully illustrated children's book with a great theme of acceptance and enjoying what makes you happy even if it's different!

PimaLib_AnnieW Jun 26, 2018

My coworker and I just finished reading this. We both decided that this is our favorite new book. It's a beautiful story with a beautiful message. Simple text with extraordinary illustrations. I am in love with this book and will be using it for a future storytime with our library's kids.

PimaLib_TeneciaP Jun 06, 2018

This book is visually stunning. The colors pop off the pages! This book is about love, understanding, and embracing who you are and what makes you happy.

A stunning book with a message of love and support that will resonate with even the youngest child. The visuals are breathtaking and the wording spare, yet lyrical. Jessica Love is a master at capturing subtle facial expressions and the Abuela and Julían are richer characters because of her nuanced use of expressions. Share with all the toddlers you know...this is sure to become a new favorite!

May 26, 2018

A beautifully-illustrated picture book about a young person who gets to revel in a magical gender presentation, with the support of their well-dressed abuela. Words & pictures by someone I read as a white woman; here's an example (like Ezra Jack Keats) of white children's authors who represent children of color with reverence and care. An excellent pick for young people with imaginative streaks and families who want to explore the dynamism of gender together.

CMLibrary_rkimray May 21, 2018

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! A gorgeous book, both in it's artwork and it's message. I especially adore the wordless pages where the illustrations so perfectly portray Julian's daydream of becoming a mermaid. Just right for storytimes about diversity and self-acceptance...or just swimming!

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