The Devotion of Suspect X

The Devotion of Suspect X

eBook - 2011
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Jul 15, 2019

Wow! The most aptly titled novel I've ever read!
Keigo Higashino takes the seemingly mundane and banal, does a shake-and-bake with twists and turns and arrives with High Mystery!
Mr. Higashino is most definitely a master craftsman of the mystery genre - - no doubt about it.
[Of course, many will doubt any such characters from his novels could exist outside in reality, yet how many really grasp reality? Wasn't Lee Oswald really the assassin of President Kennedy even though the Texas state attorney general testified he was an FBI informant, and that CIA man in their payroll accounting testified that Mr. Oswald was in the CIA's payroll system? Of course, one should only believe Dick Cheney and George W. Bush who refused to testify under oath! {Does anyone recall how a rich democrat offered a fantastic sum to anyone who would come forward to state they had gone through either Officers Training School or USAF Flight School with George W. Bush, YET NO ONE ever came forward?} The City of London Corporation and their City Fund have run enough propaganda campaigns against Brexit - - yet not one so-called reporter has mentioned how EU membership killed collective bargaining in the UK {every time there was a union strike, they simply flew in scab workers from another part of the European Union}. Today we have Alt-Right and Alt-Left, but no true left remains. A pathetic author with the Alt-Left claims anyone mentioning the name, Rothschild, is automatically a white nationalist Alt-Right type; yet how could one not mention that name when stating that it was Lady de Rothschild who hosted multiple fundraisers for presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, at Martha's Vineyard; and it was the Rothschild's bank in London where those rigged LIBOR rates were coordinated; also it was the French branch of the Rothschild family originally responsible for proposing the existing financial structure of the Euro currency back in the early 1970s. Things may be more complex than many can imagine . . . .]

Jul 08, 2019

This author is wildly popular in Japan. This unconventional crime fiction novel is highly recommended for readers who love to solve the puzzle in a mystery book.

Jun 25, 2019

Not your usual mystery. Three people know who did it. And one of them is a genius. Will the police figure out who the murderer was? Keigo Higashino keeps you on the edge of your seat because the Japanese police don't have a Columbo on the force.

Apr 23, 2019

Interesting, unusual crime solving.

Mar 12, 2019

Clever. Clever. Clever. Great read. Very unusual whodunit. This is the second book I have read from this author and it did not disappoint. Unfortunately not many of his books have been translated.

Oct 23, 2017

This was a OK book. watch out! it has a surprising ending

Oct 17, 2017

Absolutely loved it. Any mystery novel has usually Who/Why/Where/When/How questions to be answered. In Keigo Higashino's novel, we usually know all the answers to "W" questions. We know who / why / where /when. We just don't know How and usually it seems impossible but we just can't see it. The beauty of the book is its simplicity. Very few characters not too intricate plot line and will definitely keep you engaged till the end. I so wish I had read this book earlier. Hopefully there are more of Higashino's Japanese books translated to English.

Jun 28, 2016

An absolutely superb tale, I wish I could read it in the original Japanese. Occurring in modern times but definitely with a very ancient flavor. Best read at one sitting.

Sep 29, 2015

Very well done.

Apr 12, 2015

Pick a day when you have plenty of free time as you will not want to put this mystery down. You may find yourself rooting for the "guilty" party, but the ending will shock you.

ChristchurchLib Aug 12, 2013

"Ishigami is a lonely Japanese maths teacher infatuated with his next-door neighbour Yasuko, a lovely woman who has killed her deadbeat ex-husband to protect her daughter. Not only does Ishigami help her dispose of the body, he also devises a clever cover story for her when the police begin to investigate. But problems build as the involvement of an old colleague threatens to destabilise both Ishigami's ability to counter every police move and his plans for himself and Yasuko, who begins to break down - and pull away. A bestseller and prize-winner in Japan, this is Keigo Higashino's first novel to be translated into English; the second is Salvation of a Saint." Thrillers and Suspense August 2013 newsletter

mrsgail5756 Jun 21, 2013

The book was okay – but not one of my favorites.

akarenina Mar 15, 2013

Areal labyrinthian plot . . .almost Holmesian with an astounding ending. This is what I thought at first; then, did it have to be such a puzzle? Good atmosphere of Tokyo compared to the first one I read.

shosh16 Dec 26, 2012

Expiration shown dec 26,which is wrong. Just requested today, that. Date.

Nov 18, 2012

Another interesting plot twist...

Dec 06, 2011

I wish there were more of Higashino's books translated to English. This was the most original mystery I've read in a long time.

Jul 20, 2011

I loved this book. Will read more by this author if available in English. Reminded me of Mouse Trap or some of the Columbo movies -- the focus is the puzzle, the "fencing" between police and suspects.

Quiet. Cerebral. But relatively simple. Few characters. But charming. We come to care about several of the characters.(Richibi's review -below- has missed the point !)

Jun 19, 2011

You just think you know what is going on! In the first few pages your have the murderer, the victim, the deceit and now you have to figure out the "why" and how it all comes together. Written by renowned Japanese mystery writes: Keigo Hagashino, this translation keeps you stunned with each revelation. Great mental exercise with many moving jolts to your emotions as well. Read attentively and, if you can, in one or two sessions. To keep the characters clearly in my mind, I made a small sketch of the characters,
their relationships and occupations. It helped. Enjoy!

Jun 17, 2011

made-to-measure characters in a paint-by-number plot, all of them, all of it, improbable, as is also the absurd "surprise" ending, which is nothing but high, over-the-top, melodrama, everything about as bloodless as a sudoku, try a sudoku, all head, no heart

Read_at_MarkhamPL Apr 17, 2011

A truly surprising twist ending unravels in this novel. The story is captivating because we want to know if Ishigami's plan will work to the very end to protect Yasuko and her daughter. It wasn't a nail-biter, but it gets points for a most unexpected plot.

Mar 31, 2011

a pleasure from start to finish; don't miss it

Mar 23, 2011

The Devotion of Suspect X, turns the classic mystery story onto its ear.

This is a variation of the P=NP problem, and the basis of the story. What is more difficult? To solve a scientific problem oneself from scratch, or to work through and verify someone's thesis of the problem? As the intensity builds, so will your hope that it will never be solved.

The story pits two genius friends-of-sorts, back in their old university days in Japan, as one, a math genius, tries to hide the murder and the other, a physics genius, tries to help the police detectives investigate the murder. The math genius creates all the subterfuge and diversions to protect his neighbour and daughter, while secretly craving said neighbour. The physics genius tries to deconstruct the murder into smaller elements that can be analysed and solved, while reluctantly hoping not to solve it. Should justice prevail or should it be loosened a bit for just these circumstances?

We know from the start what has happened, who dies, why, when, and how. But, the core of the story is what was done to conceal the murder with as many false leads as possible for the police to uncover. Between the murder and the unravelling of it, as each level is peeled back, and more revelations and insight into the enigma, the story winds and tightens into a clever, well-written and superb mystery.

The ending will leave you breathless and exhausted for the "hero".

debwalker Feb 05, 2011

Readers not already familiar with Japanese classic mystery novels may find The Devotion of Suspect X slightly difficult. The crime is committed at the beginning and we know who did it and why. And the language is very formal, seeming a bit stiff. But those who’ve read works by Japanese masters such as Seicho Matsumoto (Points and Lines) understand that this is all part of the artistry of the Japanese style, and it grows on you as the novel proceeds.

Here, the killer is a battered wife who, to save her child, kills her abusive ex-husband. Her neighbour, a mathematics instructor, comes to her aid, helping to dispose of the body and constructing an unbreakable alibi. The police investigator is convinced of the wife’s guilt, but can’t prove it. Along comes a brilliant physicist used to mathematical puzzles, and what ensues is a cat-and-mouse chase among the clues. Clever and intriguing, with enough twists for a whole series of plots.

Margaret Cannon

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