Old MacDonald had a workshop e-i-e-i-o! One animal after another comes into Mrs. MacDonald's workshop with a different tool hoping to help with her projects. As a team, using a saw, chisel, drill and more, they create something beautiful.

The illustrations appear to be created with paint. They are colorful and beautifully detailed including expressions on the animals' faces. There is a two page spread in the front and the back of a tool wall. Each tool is labeled including a bevel edge chisel and joiner's mallet.

I adored this story! First, there is the anticipation of what all of the animals are working on. There is a variety of tools and animals for children to learn about. There is humor throughout including a "tap tap ouch" when goat misses with the hammer and a very tired mouse who has been trying to clean up after everyone. There is plenty of variation to keep the story interesting such as when Mrs. MacDonald uses a different kind of saw in a different situation rather than just sawing on the same piece of wood. I also love that Mrs. MacDonald is a woman in this story. Who said Old MacDonald had to be a man? And she invites one and all into her workshop to enjoy the fun. I can't find a single thing about this story that I didn't like. I highly recommend it for all ages up to 8.

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