Aimee Bender, the author of this book, writes her characters amazingly and they each develop in their own ways to become very well rounded. Rose Edelstein, the main character of this story, is a nine year old girl with an odd gift that she definitely does not expect. When she tastes her mother’s homemade lemon cake with chocolate icing, she finds out she can taste her mom’s and everyone else who makes the food she eats’ emotions. This is a book i would recommend to anyone interested in a book about the troubles of family life and growing up.

**the rest of this review contains spoilers**

The particular sadness of a lemon cake is about a young girl named Rose Edelstein and her relationship with food. It begins with Rose‘s ninth birthday, where she realizes she can taste the feelings of whoever has made her food after taking a bite of her seemingly cheerful mother’s lemon chocolate cake and tasting her sadness and despair. She starts tasting her mother’s feelings with every family meal, and it starts to affect her. The sensory overload that came with knowing of the feelings of everyone that has made her food begins to be too much for her and she starts feeling sick and only eating machine-made foods from vending machines. Fortunately, Rose Edelstein‘s brother and his best friend help her test out her new skill, and in the end she is able to perfect her abilities.

-Reviewed by Jazmine for the Teen Leadership Council.

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