Quick enjoyable read.

Set in a world in which magic has been banished. Except really there's magic. But it's not called magic. So that makes it not magic? :-)

Very clearly setting up for a series, this book takes its time introducing the characters. While it was obvious from the beginning that there would be a romance (most likely a triangle), the first third of the book manages to be relatively romance-free and focus more on character development. There were a few good solid friendships established - including a female-female friendship completely devoid of boy drama (because both girls have bigger issues to deal with) which I very much appreciated.

My eternal love for Les Miserables (the musical) meant that I was willing to suspend disbelief enough to sympathize with Celaena and accept that her vocation as assassin would somehow make sense in an acceptable way (rebel against evil totalitarian empire, or similar).

I plan to continue reading this the series.

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