Women generally outlive men.
And while many struggle for years with poor health and even poorer resources..some,who are better off,write about it.
Joan Didion's Year of Magical Thinking..and then Joyce Carol Oates account of widowhood..and now this one.
Rehm's work is moving,and like the two previous writers ,her suffering is apparent.
Didion's loss was immediate.Her husband died from heart failure. Rehm's spouse suffered the ravages of Parkinson's,and begged ,but was refused help in ending his pain.
There are the implicit observations ,that a quick death is better for the one dying, but harder on those watching.
And conversely, a protracted disease like ALS,parkinsons or MS somehow allows the spouse to prepare.
The grief is essentially the same.
Didion is clearly the better writer,but Rehm's book left me with an ache.
Must reading for all married folk.

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