Halo Nightfall DVD - 2017

Macho talks (random phrases from film):
-Silence. They say it's a soldiers greatest AW (Advanced Warfare). Grants him the element of surprise. Lays bare all of his enemy's movement. But I learned long ago that was a lie. Because silence allows a soldier to think. Gives him time to be scared.
-As of this moment, we're 100% analog. Show our friend here there's more
to a soldier than just his armor.
-You keep playing stupid, you'll be dead inside an hour.
- ONI doesn't work alongside anyone. It's just you and everyone else way below.
-Thought we were already in the ninth circle of hell, but looks like there's a bonus level.
- Not one of 'em's got kids. They die out here, it's just them dying.
- I tried to save you ; I'm not the one who needs saving; Said the dead man.
- Havoks are supposed to be bulletproof. Let's see if that was just advertising.
- You're too young; Soldier's a soldier.

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