AAh I can't wait to read this!!!!!!!
Update: I finished! Read my full review on my blog: https://diaryofanerdybookworm.wordpress.com/2019/02/28/dragonshadow-heartstone-2/

Dragonshadow may not on my super-duper favorites list, but I still enjoyed it (as you can see from the four stars).

Aliza is settling into life as a Daired when a request arrives for her husband Alistair to investigate a monster that no one has seen, but all have seen the effects of: dead creatures, with their heartstones torn out. Not to be left out, Aliza insists on coming, but she finds things she’d rather not see, including someone long thought dead. And what is with the strange metal box? What is Lord Selwyn hiding? And is…Aliza pregnant?

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