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Back-to-School Blues

"Middle-grade books about school and all it entails- friendships, bullies, and drama."
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In a society where a person's size is directly proportional to his or her wealth, littlepoor Warner, thirteen, and Prayer, fifteen, struggle to improve their lot in a world built against them.
SPPL_Violet made a comment Jun 25 2019
"This is a short book, with most of its prose taken up with descriptions, flashbacks, and characterizations. What started as a plodding and prosaic story very quickly turned into a more taught thriller with lots of foreshadowing. While I had my gri..." Permalink
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Dreaming of life in the city while caring for her alcoholic father and working in a 1960s boys' prison, a disturbed young woman is manipulated into committing a psychologically charged crime during the holiday season.
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