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richibi moved a title to their Completed shelf Nov 18 2019

Sharp Objects

DVD - 2018
A reporter confronts psychological demons from her past when she returns to her hometown to cover a violent murder.
richibi rated a title Nov 18 2019

The conformist

DVD - 2014
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richibi made a comment Nov 17 2019
"reading about a man who sits for a portrait, portraits, by a another man who used to be his student in this tedious novel is like watching paint dry, then worse, finding out at the end that you didn't even like the colours - for a splendid example..." Permalink
richibi rated a title Nov 17 2019
richibi made a comment Nov 10 2019

A tale of winter

DVD - 2015
"a lot of tedious subway rides through underground Paris dotted with, here and there, some interesting philosophical interchanges, but with one marvelous performance of a scene from Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale" near the end to make the..." Permalink
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