Oct 26, 2022punkfimble rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
4.25. This graphic novel had some immaculate, accurate, and informative mental illness representation. It perfectly showed how mental health gets worse and what this looks like, and what anxiety and panic attacks can feel like, too. It also clearly demonstrated the signs to look out for, both in yourself and in others, of poor mental health. For these reasons this is such a great and important book for middle-graders to have, both ones looking to see themselves represented and for those who want/need to learn about mental illness. So many important topics are explored in relation to mental health, such as the stigmatisation of mental illness, social pressure to be a good daughter specifically as a Chinese-Canadian kid, racism and internalised racism, and misogyny and how this impacts self-esteem. The book also includes a friendship plotline that explores toxic and healthy friendship behaviours. Not all of these topics are clearly resolved by the end, but it was important that they were included as it demonstrated the intersectionality of mental illness and showed the dynamism of Livy's character. And Livy was an excellent character. As somebody who also has GAD and panic disorder, I really saw myself in her. And she was just so sweet and creative and desperately trying to do the right thing. My heart went out to her on every page. I'm so glad her story exists for others to read! As a final note, the art style was simple and sketchy and I liked the red/warm undertones.