Mar 16, 2023olive_owl_412 rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
My Footprints is a refreshing addition to the genre of children's books that encourage acceptance and imagination. Through its depth, character development, and stunning illustrations, it offers a unique perspective on a Vietnamese American family with two moms. Rather than preaching to the reader, the story celebrates the relationships and cultures in a beautiful way, showing that happy families come in all shapes and sizes. This gentle approach is an important step in exposing children to diverse family structures. The illustrations are a highlight of the book, bringing the main character's imagination to life with vivid detail and subtle emotions. The level of detail is impressive, with individual feathers on a massive bird and the characters' facial expressions adding to the richness of the story. Overall, My Footprints is a beautifully crafted and inclusive book that is sure to inspire young readers to embrace their own imagination and sense of wonder.